Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Horse Photography

One of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman, is hosting a "Horses" photography contest all week, and this brings me much, much joy.

Why? you ask...well I will tell you why......

Reasons why I find joy in a "Horses" photography assignment:

1. Horses are beautiful.

They are graceful, and lovely, and bring peace to everyone who is blessed enough to be around them. 

For example:  Every time my sister gets around her horse (Hoorey) she starts crying tears of joy, because she loves him so....Amen.

Just kidding, she doesn't really cry, but she does love him, as only a girl can love a horse. 

The feeling is indescribable.


And now I am crying too.

2. Horses are fun.

Whether you ride them, or just watch people ride is fun, and I always take pictures in order to capture the fun.  That's Right, consider the fun captured.

3. Horses are wise.

Consider Pink Panther for example....

Just look at his expression? It's so wise, so understanding, so thoughtful....

Well either those things, or he's really wishing the Brahman Breeder would quit jabbing him in the sides with his new spurs. 

Which brings me to the next reason why....

4.  Horses are tolerant.

Pink Panther really puts up with anything. 

Almost every time the Brahman Breeder rides him, he manages to...
  • Whip him with his bridle at least 7245 times (so he can catch up to The Boss of course.)
  • Spur him with his spurs (duh) at least 7246 times (for the same reason above.)
  • Pat him about 7247(give or take a few) reward him for his "hard work."
  • Unsaddle him, and clean out his feet for the 5th time that hour.
Yes, I would say Pink Panther deserves a day off every now and then for his huge amount of tolerance for the Brahman Breeders actions.

5.  Horses can do anything.

Just check out "Cricket." (Yes his name was Cricket, and he was my horse, and we sold him. End of story.  Yes I'm over it...Yes I'll be ok...I'm managing...No I'm not crying! Why is everyone starting at me?! Just Stop!.........Pray for me.)

Cricket could work a cow like not many horses can, and it was amazing to watch him jab this way, jab that way, and then turn the cow like a pro...which he was.

In summary of # 5: I miss Cricket...but I've quit crying in public, so we're making progress.

So really, my list could go on, and on, and on, and on, and so forth...but I think you probably get the idea.

Read PW, and see for yourself all the awesome/wonderful/athletic horses that are out there, and who knows maybe that will inspire you to go buy your own horse, and experience the love for yourself.


Peace, Love, & Make sure your horse is not "jumpy" or "skittish", because this could result in the landing of your hind quarters in a large, spiky cactus, and it will affect you for, well...the rest of your life.

Sweet T

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