Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brahman Breeder & Pink Panther

Pink Panther is the Brahman Breeder's Horse. (I use to call him "Brahman Rancher" but I was informed by the big man himself that that terms is not correct.)

Pink Panther is gentle, and kind, and a nerd...just like his owner.

He is kinda...chubby.  (Pink Panther, not his owner.)

Pink Panther could be considered lazy too, but don't tell BB (Brahman Breeder) that.

He is perfect for little boys, that want to grow up to be cowboys, or Brahman Breeders.

Pink Panther has been BB's horse for quite awhile now, and it seems like the first time BB got on him it was a perfect match. Now, even just mentioning the fact that someone else might be considering riding Pink Panther causes an all out war. Because that doesn't make the Brahman Breeder very all.

Together, BB and Pink Panther are unstoppable.

They do everything together.

They are even the same age.

They are comrades, and partners in crime.

Peace, Love, & I think Pink Panther is cute...don't tell his owner I said that.

Sweet T

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