Sweet T Herself

Salutations from the Panhandle of Texas! I'm Summer Townsend, better known in these parts as Sweet T.  I'm just your average, cowgirl blogger, and there are just a few things you need to know about me:

I Love to Write.  Which is most likely very obvious since I have a blog, that you are reading at this very moment...but it doesn't stop at blogging.  I even venture to write poetry, which can end up going haywire at times, and I end up with a poem about my blue feet...don't ask...but it's all for fun and I humor myself doing it.

I Live the Western Lifestyle.  I was born and raised in the Western lifestyle and have lived to tell about it.  I've done everything from being flung from my saddle and landing in a cactus as large as a house, to finally roping that steer for the first time, and it has made me the hard working, moron I am today.

I'm a Family Gal.  The majority of the things I do, I do with family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  They can be weird at times, but luckily I'm just as weird as they are, so we all get along great.  I work, and ride horses with My Top Hand Daddy, Shop, clean, and Cook with My Gem of a Mother,  qoute the Steel Magnolias movie with my Lovely Sister, and get into all kinds of messes with my Brahman Breedin' Brother. We know how to have a Large Time.

By reading Sweet T you'll get to learn more about me one post at a time...and hopefully in time you'll grow to think of me as a part of your family...and If you don't I'll understand completely.

Peace, Love, & I Love Ya Mor'n My Luggage