Saturday, July 31, 2010

Once a Nerd...Always a Nerd

And now.


And Now...except he is still a moron.


And now...

Then...(You don't know how hard it was for me to post this picture...but I did it all for my readers.)

And Now.

Waaaayyyy back Then...

And Now...except they are still dorks.

These pictures just go to show that over time looks may change, but people are still going to be nerds.

Peace, Love, & Pictures that will most likely not be approved of(by any member of my family)

Sweet T

Friday, July 30, 2010

Texas Friday Night

So heres how it goes down in a small town...

Wives cook up a meal of variety,

Kids eat so much that its a sight to see.

Husbands - roping is how they play

(I believe that is why they do it three times a day.)

Kids engage in horse play...

(This is all fine & good as long as we stay outta the way!)

Justin searches for his beloved coyote pup.

Can you tell hes had no luck?

Trail (never fail) makes me at loss for words,

Just don't ask questions that is what've I've learned.

Autumn and Scout never cease to smile.

They always make these days very worth while!

Peace, Love, & Friday Feedyard Fun

Sweet T

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are any of us normal?

I really don't know what I could say to explain these pictures....

Are there words that would do them justice?

Do they need to be justified? Or are they already justified by the children in them?

Is this kind of behavior normal for these children?

Are these children normal?

Am I normal?

Are any of us normal?!

Peace, Love, & Plauging questions we yet have answers to

Sweet T

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Self Diagnosed

So I have a cough...
Not a normal cough either. It's more like a cough so hard unitl you can't breath so then you just gasp for air and people stare at you, or run in fright. (Thanks Autumn.)
Anyways...this cough has become a problem, so instead of going to the doctor like a normal person, I have diagnosed myself...and I believe I have whooping cough.

You see I've read many books, and usually there is a case of whooping cough in one chapter or another so I know all the symptoms...

1) You cough.
2) You cough so violently that it sounds like your "whooping" hence the name "whooping cough."
3) You frantically gasp for air, and when you fail to catch your breath you flail your arms around until you've managed to do so.

And guess what! I have all those symptoms! Forget finishing high school, I'll just become a self-made physician...if I live that long. Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & Information you probably didn't care to know

Sweet T

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Changing Games

I've made a discovery.

A discovery that has added the missing link of fun to my life.

A discovery that solves all my problems, and brings me joy.

Yes its true, I've discovered Lasso Golf.

It all started one long, hot day when Trail and I were the only ones in the house that were coherent(the others were napping) therefore we were rather bored.

You see...And instead of telling someone we were bored, we Townsend children have learned never to admit you are bored, rather occupy yourself hastily before someone sees you. So we headed to the backyard to "occupy" ourselves.

And Lo and behold there it was...Lasso Golf.

Now for those of you who haven't figured it out yet Lasso Golf is the combining of Lasso(A rope) and golf.

This is the setup(ignore the crooked trampoline in the background.) Now, don't get frightened its quite simple really...I mean I managed to put the game together without bringing injury to myself or others so ANYONE can do it. (Notice! The "Lasso" part and the golfballs??)

SO anyways, Trail and I began to play. Now is this is a very simple game, but don't let the simplicity fool you. It takes extreme concentration.

See the intense look on his face? He takes this game very seriously...

Oh! And the intenseness paid off! A victory! Or a failure? Can you tell? I sure can' that a look of joy or disgust??

I guess we'll never know...but overall he did beat me, but it's because he cheated...and NO! I'm not still bitter about it.

So try Lasso Golf today! It'll change your life!!

Peace, Love, & Bitter Sweet Victories

Sweet T

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Truth

You know I think I've led you all to believe that our trip to Corpus was just a walk in the park. That it was pleasant and even fun. Well folks I think its time I tell you the truth...

Corpus was horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Every morning I was awoken by disgusting views like this...

Who wants to open their eyes and see this first thing every morning??

I was forced against my will to experience new things.

Don't let the smile fool you, I was suffering.

And some sick minded supervisor(ahem, Mother...) had the gall to take a picture of me in a less than desirable pose...

This is just ridiculous.

And thats not the worst of it...I was forced to bask in the sun to my hearts content.

This is just sickening...I don't think I can go on.

I hope you've seen enough, and now believe me when I say that if your lookin' for a good time, Corpus is the LAST place you wanna go.

Peace, Love, & Horrible Vacation Destinations

Sweet T

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Texas I Know

The moment we pulled onto the (many) streets of Corpus, I knew we weren't in Texas anymore...

At least, we weren't in the Texas I had known all my life. The Texas I know is green, not blue. The Texas I know is abundant in wheat fields, and lacking in ocean waves. Its full of open space, and not the least bit congested. It has all you could ever want to see of fat, grazing cattle, and empty of annoying, pesty seagulls.

So you see to me Corpus is not Texas, but in all reality it is very much Texas, and at the Texas State FFA Convention it was full of teenage Texans, just like me who were suffering from culture shock.

Full of 11,000 teenage Texans to be exact...Folks, this is not a joke...I'm not pulling your leg in any way. There were 11,000 PEOPLE there. Is that insane, or am I just a country bumpkin? Coming from a town of 1,100, and going to a high school with 50 people you can imagine I was completely out of my element. In fact, I was downright scared. Just to remain sane, I had to have a paper bag in my hand at all times to keep from hyperventilating...Ok maybe thats an exagerration, but don't think it didn't cross my mind.

The Texas I know also has nothing close to transportation such as this...

Our transportatin looks a little more along the lines of this...

And as pretty as this is, we absolutely do not have views like this...unless its a really bright day, and we've had torrential rains...

My Texas's views look more like this...and you know I actually prefer this.

We also do not have wildlife like this, unless you go down to the local fishing hole and get really lucky and catch a whopper!...Who am I kidding, we don't even have a local fishing hole?

This is more like it...

Well, You've seen my Texas...and by doing so you now understand why I suffered from extreme shock in Corpus Chrisiti, actually I am still recovering. Theres no place like home.

Peace, Love, & Relating To Dorothy

Sweet T

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Delicious & Two-Story

Over the course of the last few weeks I've seen some pretty interesting and new things and have met lots of new and cool people...and as exciting as all that was I have to admit one of the greatest places I visited was none other than the remains of the humble beginnings of a wonderful burger joint. Yes we visitied the ORIGINAL Whataburger....the first of the WORLD.

And it wasn't just a plain ole Whataburger was Whataburger by the bay!

You see me and my family have a fascination with Whataburger...or rather we do because my Dad absolutely loves the place. Every year after the finals at Amarillo we stop there and eat before heading home. As simple as it seems, I think its become a family tradition. (And it's not just us...Do you recall watching 8 seconds?? "Hows your Whatachicken?")

This is the Lazbuddie gang waiting to get into Whataburger (by the bay) at Corpus. Yes, there was a line outside the two-story restaurant(did I mention it was two-story) that extended into the drive-thru lane.

I then proceeded to make everyone line up in front of the great Whataburger so we could document this wonderful moment in time...I think they thought I was crazy but how many chances do you get to be in an ORIGINAL Whataburger....about none thats how much.

Is it normal for me to be this excited about a burger joint? I don't know, but I'm guessing probably not.

Peace, Love, & Two-Story Fast Food Places

Sweet T

P.S. The only way the trip to Whataburger could have been made more enjoyable, was if Daddy & Trail had been there to taste the deliciousness too...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Short & Sweet

Tired & sleep deprived I finally return home,
So exhausted all I can manage for now is a poem.

A week at basketball camp My sister & I endured,
We learned to drive, shoot, and of our skills be sure.

Bandanas everyday, we represented our team,
Being recognized for my style, of course is a dream.

But enough about camp, it is all said and done,
Still thanks to our coaches whom we learned from.

Now instead I think I'd like to rest,
And give my mind a break, rather than putting it to the test.

But when comes the morn I shall write again,
For I know you've been waiting...or at least I hope you've been!

Peace, Love, & Tales(that aren't tall) to come.

Sweet T (AKA: World Traveler)


(This is just a glimpse of what might be to come...Interested?)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Woe In My Heart

Woe I feel in my heart
Because of the time we've been spending apart

But alas, another week must pass
Before I have time to sit & make you laugh

One week spent on the Corpus Christi Bay
Where I was consumed with meetings all day

A weekend at Clarendon Texas
Where weariness got the best of us!

And yet to come, a week at basketball camp
Where I will always be running & never just stand!

So to you my faithful followers, I have let you down
with all this summer nonsense & running around

But put the sadness out of your mind,
for someday soon there will come a time,

A time where again blog post will be made,
Enough post ' infact, that you could read all day!

So, put a smile on your face
as I depart in peacefullness & grace

And remember to not give up on me
Because I love to write as much as you love to read!!

Peace, Love, & Missin' you Blues,
Sweet T

(NOTE: This post came from Sweet T's mind and her mama's fingers, seeing as how Sweet T hasn't been home for more than 20 seconds in the past week!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Corpus Christi Breakdown

Oh readers, readers, readers....I have some baaaaad news.

You see, I am in Corpus Christi, Texas for a State FFA Convention, and we have had a breakdown....the computer I brought to blog and show you of my adventures here in Corpus does not have a place for a hard drive. Therefore, I cannot show you my pictures, but never fear! I can give you a detailed description of our day to day events and you can picture them yourself! And then when I return to my humble abode, I will bless you with the beautiful pictures.

Day 1

Mr. Morris and the rest of the Lazbuddie Gang arrived in Earth at approximately 7 a.m. to pick me, mama, & Autumn up. We then proceeded to make our way to Corpus Christi. As we drove toward San Angelo, a drive I have taken many times, I noticed nothing different, the air was the same, the atmosphere just slightly hillier, and well the sky the same old blue. But as we approached closer and closer to the sea shore, the air became saltier, the atmoshphere greener, and the sky a hazy beautiful blue. The excitment built up inside of me...the beach, the beach, I could see the beach. It was almost a navy blue and it went as far as the eye could see. You see I have never seen the beach, so you can imagine my excitement! As soon as we got to the hotel we piled out, threw on our suits and headed toward the beach. We jumped and played in the tidal waves, Latino music sotfly playing in the background, the sun beating down on us, Jelly fish stinging the innocent., bliss.

Until more adventures in Corpus....I bid you adeu.

Peace, Love, & and painfully salty water

Sweet T

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Are we seein' a pattern here? Everytime I pull out a camra Riley is quick to flash the pearly whites...Ok we get it Riley, you think you're pretty, but enough is enough.

And what is this? He passed it on to his offspring too? When will it end? They just love the camra...

OH NO. Now it's effecting my kin too...everytime I took a picture of Trail he acted like he didn't see me, but who are we kidding, we all know he did.

Are you serious? Autumn too? Come on people this is getting a little out of hand...

.........Ok fine, I like to have my picture taken too, but what was I supposed to do? She had the camra right in my face, and I was dressed up...the logical thing to do, would be to smile. Am I right? Don't blame me, it must run in the family. But hey, its not that we're vain, it's that we are very happy people :)

Peace, Love, & Family Traits

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plum Crazy

A couple of days ago, on possibly the hottest afternoon of the summer, we went to the Cain-Gibbins ranch to pick some plums! You see, when we're gathering cattle there Trail likes to take "little breaks" to pick some plums because he's usually starving, so we got the idea that these plums would be great to cook with and eat, because HELLO there free and there are tons of them! We would be insane not to picke 'em! Or are we insane for pickin them?? Are we plum crazy?? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) I don't know yet, we'll have to see how we feel after eating them...

This is Mama and Trail picking plums...well Mama is picking plums, Trail is to busy looking for snakes, lizards, and other creatures that make me scream.

Take notice of Mamas rake...she used this in every bush before she picked...she's just knew a snake was waiting to bite through her rain boots.

This is Autumn, vigorously picking plums...I think she considers herself an expert plum picker, because when she would look at my basket she would simply utter a "Humph" and smirk to herself...Well Autumn, if you must know my strategy its "Quality not quantity!"

This is one of the few times I did actually pick and, yes I have the snake rake can never be too careful...

Aren't the plums brilliant? They're absolutely gorgeous! (Sorry, I use to read alot of Jane Austin books, so in consequnce to that I sometimes think I live in the 17th century and I start talking as they did...It's a personal problem, that I'm dealing with one day at a time...)

And they're quite bountiful too...

They were so bountiful, that we loaded up two buckets about this size and took them home to make Plum pie! (Notice Trails amused face.)

One thing they failed to mention though, is that to make plum pie, you have to pit the plums, and that is a messy, grueling, hour long process that I did myself with minimal help from others...And thats all I have to say about that.

One beautiful thing did come from the horrible thing (plum pittin''s still hard for me to talk about) though, and that was the plums that were ready for the pie! They were so colorful, and I wish I could say they smelt delicious, but they didn't, they really didn't smell at all...go figure?

Mama the proceeded to make the crust for the plum pie, actually by this time it was more of a cobbler/tart dish...but nevertheless, the crust was delicious.

Take a look for yourself. Doesn't it look appetizing??

And look at this! Is your mouth watering now? Well, rightly so because the plum cobbler/pie/tart was delicious, well except when you got a plum that wasn't qutie ripe yet, those plums were rather sour, but beggars can't be choosers.

So all in all the plum pickin' was a success. And afterall, we weren't plum crazy, and thats all I have to say about that.

Peace, love, & plum pie, plum cobbler, plum tart, plum sandwhich, plum salad, plum bread, plum soup, plum casserole...etc.

Sweet T