Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Buckin' Suckers

Yesterday, something tragic happened. Tragic it was indeed. I was thrown off my horse, and recieved several thousand stickers lodged in my hindquarters. It was no happy event, but I am going to focus on the positive instead of the negative...so heres to the people who have the ability to ride the so called "buckin suckers"

This is Riley, and he can ride a buckin sucker indeed, and aren't we all glad he can, because if he couldn't who would ride our bronc all the rodeos??

This is my daddy, he is not riding a buckin sucker here, but he could if he had to. So kudos to you Daddy.

This is alot of other cowboys at the Colorado Springs Ranch Rodeo, who also could ride buckin suckers if they had to.

And this, well Im not sure who this is...maybe I should've read the plack...but obviously he can ride buckin suckers.

So heres to you, whoever you are out there who has the ability to ride a buckin sucker, may you not fall off anymore buckin suckers, and have to experience searing pain from a tiny thousand stickers.

Peace, Love, & broke horses

Sweet T

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