Sunday, July 4, 2010

Theres about to be a what? GIRL FIGHT

Last weekend we went to the lovely city of Colorado Springs, Colorado to a Ranch Rodeo. While we were there we were fortunate enough to visit the Cowboy Hall of Fame where I must admit, I learned something pretty interestin...

Over the history of time (Does that phrase make sence??? I don't know...) there has been something that has been occuring quite regularly, it even happens in my household about 3 to 5 times a week...

It is the notorious GIRL FIGHT.

Whether it be over status, clothes, or more notably boys they occur...all the time.

At the Hall of Fame, there was a sequence of photos where two cowgirls had a fight, I dont know what it was over (but I suppose it was over whether who got to take a bath first, because that's sure what I would be fighting over if I was out on the trail ALL day!) but the pictures were definately a sight to behold.

Now in this day and time if you took a picture of two girls fighting, one would end up crying for sure, and probably never talk again.

Ex: Me & Autumn...I would be the one crying and she would be the one not talking, but eventually she talks because she can't stand not having my company...who can't??

But not these girls...

They end up smiling, and proud of themselves because they can hold their own, and actually know how to fight...If I knew how to fight, Autumn would have black eyes more often, but unfortunatley I do not. So in conclusion these girls are now my heroines, and also in conclusion Im taking boxing classes so I can hold my own against my mean sister, and my cousin Scout who packs a mean punch.

Peace, Love & the imminent purchase of boxing gloves

Sweet T

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