Friday, July 23, 2010

Short & Sweet

Tired & sleep deprived I finally return home,
So exhausted all I can manage for now is a poem.

A week at basketball camp My sister & I endured,
We learned to drive, shoot, and of our skills be sure.

Bandanas everyday, we represented our team,
Being recognized for my style, of course is a dream.

But enough about camp, it is all said and done,
Still thanks to our coaches whom we learned from.

Now instead I think I'd like to rest,
And give my mind a break, rather than putting it to the test.

But when comes the morn I shall write again,
For I know you've been waiting...or at least I hope you've been!

Peace, Love, & Tales(that aren't tall) to come.

Sweet T (AKA: World Traveler)


(This is just a glimpse of what might be to come...Interested?)

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