Monday, July 19, 2010

Woe In My Heart

Woe I feel in my heart
Because of the time we've been spending apart

But alas, another week must pass
Before I have time to sit & make you laugh

One week spent on the Corpus Christi Bay
Where I was consumed with meetings all day

A weekend at Clarendon Texas
Where weariness got the best of us!

And yet to come, a week at basketball camp
Where I will always be running & never just stand!

So to you my faithful followers, I have let you down
with all this summer nonsense & running around

But put the sadness out of your mind,
for someday soon there will come a time,

A time where again blog post will be made,
Enough post ' infact, that you could read all day!

So, put a smile on your face
as I depart in peacefullness & grace

And remember to not give up on me
Because I love to write as much as you love to read!!

Peace, Love, & Missin' you Blues,
Sweet T

(NOTE: This post came from Sweet T's mind and her mama's fingers, seeing as how Sweet T hasn't been home for more than 20 seconds in the past week!)

1 comment:

Tandy Adams said...

FINALLY! lol I know you're busy... just tell your DAD that you need a laptop =) I love reading your blog and I've been telling all my friends to check it out too!