Saturday, July 24, 2010

Delicious & Two-Story

Over the course of the last few weeks I've seen some pretty interesting and new things and have met lots of new and cool people...and as exciting as all that was I have to admit one of the greatest places I visited was none other than the remains of the humble beginnings of a wonderful burger joint. Yes we visitied the ORIGINAL Whataburger....the first of the WORLD.

And it wasn't just a plain ole Whataburger was Whataburger by the bay!

You see me and my family have a fascination with Whataburger...or rather we do because my Dad absolutely loves the place. Every year after the finals at Amarillo we stop there and eat before heading home. As simple as it seems, I think its become a family tradition. (And it's not just us...Do you recall watching 8 seconds?? "Hows your Whatachicken?")

This is the Lazbuddie gang waiting to get into Whataburger (by the bay) at Corpus. Yes, there was a line outside the two-story restaurant(did I mention it was two-story) that extended into the drive-thru lane.

I then proceeded to make everyone line up in front of the great Whataburger so we could document this wonderful moment in time...I think they thought I was crazy but how many chances do you get to be in an ORIGINAL Whataburger....about none thats how much.

Is it normal for me to be this excited about a burger joint? I don't know, but I'm guessing probably not.

Peace, Love, & Two-Story Fast Food Places

Sweet T

P.S. The only way the trip to Whataburger could have been made more enjoyable, was if Daddy & Trail had been there to taste the deliciousness too...

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