Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Self Diagnosed

So I have a cough...
Not a normal cough either. It's more like a cough so hard unitl you can't breath so then you just gasp for air and people stare at you, or run in fright. (Thanks Autumn.)
Anyways...this cough has become a problem, so instead of going to the doctor like a normal person, I have diagnosed myself...and I believe I have whooping cough.

You see I've read many books, and usually there is a case of whooping cough in one chapter or another so I know all the symptoms...

1) You cough.
2) You cough so violently that it sounds like your "whooping" hence the name "whooping cough."
3) You frantically gasp for air, and when you fail to catch your breath you flail your arms around until you've managed to do so.

And guess what! I have all those symptoms! Forget finishing high school, I'll just become a self-made physician...if I live that long. Pray for me.

Peace, Love, & Information you probably didn't care to know

Sweet T

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Tori said...

I live for your final sentences. Peace, love, and..... P. S. I hope you don't really have whooping cough. Oh and thanks for sitting today.