Monday, July 12, 2010

Corpus Christi Breakdown

Oh readers, readers, readers....I have some baaaaad news.

You see, I am in Corpus Christi, Texas for a State FFA Convention, and we have had a breakdown....the computer I brought to blog and show you of my adventures here in Corpus does not have a place for a hard drive. Therefore, I cannot show you my pictures, but never fear! I can give you a detailed description of our day to day events and you can picture them yourself! And then when I return to my humble abode, I will bless you with the beautiful pictures.

Day 1

Mr. Morris and the rest of the Lazbuddie Gang arrived in Earth at approximately 7 a.m. to pick me, mama, & Autumn up. We then proceeded to make our way to Corpus Christi. As we drove toward San Angelo, a drive I have taken many times, I noticed nothing different, the air was the same, the atmosphere just slightly hillier, and well the sky the same old blue. But as we approached closer and closer to the sea shore, the air became saltier, the atmoshphere greener, and the sky a hazy beautiful blue. The excitment built up inside of me...the beach, the beach, I could see the beach. It was almost a navy blue and it went as far as the eye could see. You see I have never seen the beach, so you can imagine my excitement! As soon as we got to the hotel we piled out, threw on our suits and headed toward the beach. We jumped and played in the tidal waves, Latino music sotfly playing in the background, the sun beating down on us, Jelly fish stinging the innocent., bliss.

Until more adventures in Corpus....I bid you adeu.

Peace, Love, & and painfully salty water

Sweet T

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Watch the sharks!