Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life Changing Games

I've made a discovery.

A discovery that has added the missing link of fun to my life.

A discovery that solves all my problems, and brings me joy.

Yes its true, I've discovered Lasso Golf.

It all started one long, hot day when Trail and I were the only ones in the house that were coherent(the others were napping) therefore we were rather bored.

You see...And instead of telling someone we were bored, we Townsend children have learned never to admit you are bored, rather occupy yourself hastily before someone sees you. So we headed to the backyard to "occupy" ourselves.

And Lo and behold there it was...Lasso Golf.

Now for those of you who haven't figured it out yet Lasso Golf is the combining of Lasso(A rope) and golf.

This is the setup(ignore the crooked trampoline in the background.) Now, don't get frightened its quite simple really...I mean I managed to put the game together without bringing injury to myself or others so ANYONE can do it. (Notice! The "Lasso" part and the golfballs??)

SO anyways, Trail and I began to play. Now is this is a very simple game, but don't let the simplicity fool you. It takes extreme concentration.

See the intense look on his face? He takes this game very seriously...

Oh! And the intenseness paid off! A victory! Or a failure? Can you tell? I sure can't...is that a look of joy or disgust??

I guess we'll never know...but overall he did beat me, but it's because he cheated...and NO! I'm not still bitter about it.

So try Lasso Golf today! It'll change your life!!

Peace, Love, & Bitter Sweet Victories

Sweet T

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Summer said...

It really is a fun game - thanks to Sherry (Erica's mom) for introducing us to Lasso Golf!- Hope