Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dr. Jeykl & Mrs. Hyde

Ever heard of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde? Well story has it that a Doctor in London, Dr. Jekyll, had split personalities, split in the sense that the Doctor had an evil side(Hyde) and a good side(Jeykll), and the two sides were extremely different. Well I have to report, with fear in my heart mind you, that we have one of these cases in our's name is Autumn Townsend, and she can be a very sweet girl, or she can be a girl that I run and hide from.

You see, Autumn has been like this ever since we were young'ins, one minute we would be playing barbie dolls, and the next minute I was lying on the floor with a black eye...Ok so maybe thats a little far fetched but not entirely.

In fact, the more I think about it split personalities, meaning two personalities, is not quite accurate in Autumns case because she has more than two. Instead of trying to tell you about it, because no words will do her personalities justice, I will just show you, so you can see for yourself The Many Sides of Autumn:
WARNING: Few have ever seen the many personalities of Autumn, this sudden breakthrough might cause shock and hypothermia.

This is sweet Autumn aka: Autumn Lulu...this is the Autumn we can all tolerate...this is the Autumn that is safe to be around.

This is slightly irritated, on the verge of destruction Autumn aka:...well there is no alternate name for this Autumn, because of the fear of the beating that will shortly follow the name calling. This is the Autumn I do not linger around...rightly so too.

This is absolutely crazy Autumn aka: well...crazy Autumn. This is the Autumn that is completely physco...there is no telling what she can do.

Well, there you have it. Those are only the few sides (out of many) that Autumn has. If you'll notice the pictures above are all taken in the same spot, and they were taken in a matter of seconds, so that should show you just how fast Autumn can transition into one of her many personalities. And after Autumn reads this post it will take her .1 seconds to transition into her angry personality (believe me I've seen it first hand.) So if you excuse me I think I'll leave the country for a little while, until Autumn is sweet again and I can rest in peace.

Peace, Love & One way tickets to Mexico

Sweet T

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