Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And they call the thing...Rodeo!

As the ever-balding Garth Brooks said: Its the bulls and the blood, its the dust and the mud, and they call the thing Rodeooooo(woh wah) and he was right, except when you are describing our type of rodeo its a little different. So I rewrote the song (kinda) and it goes like this...

Well its the broncs and the spurs, and the fight that occurs between cowboy and his foe

Its the wives that cheer when they see their cowboy show

It's the wild cry of a cowboy at his best

It's the importance of the words that the cowboy says

Its the (wild) boots...

And the (colorful) chaps,

It's the cowboys hat!

It's cowgirls learnin' how to rope

Its the milkin'

And its the slow...

And they call the thing RODEO(woh wah)!!!!

Ok, so that was probably a pretty cheesy version, of a pretty cheesy song, but hey it was a way I could show you just what we do, and how much we love it.

Even if it drives us crazy & even if it drives us insane

Song long man, I'll see you.

Sweet T

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