Monday, July 5, 2010

Woe & Glory

Dear Readers,

Today was a long day. It shouldn't've been a long day because it was rather enjoyable, but I managed to feel the brunt of it, because of various incidents I will later venture to tell you about. But sadly for now, dear readers, I will have to leave you with this short poem, or rather a collaborative writing of my thoughts...

Woe to the rider who does not stay on,
I feel your pain & also feel for your mom.

Woe to the bushes that feel the brunt of your fall,
and woe to the person to whom you tell all.

Glory to the person who doesn't pick plums,
but rather instead hangs with your chums.

And Glory to the person who is well fed,
For now you will sleep fine in your bed.

(If I knew how to copyright that piece of work, believe me chums it would be done.)

Peace, Love, & Random thoughts that yet to make sence

Sweet T

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