Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh for the Love of Joy.

Logging onto my computer for the first time in Oh? Well...if you want to be accurate, 1 week and 2 days, (not that anyones keeping count....Ok, ok, your right I was!) has caused me such joy that I think I'm experiencing a sudden, and strange illness...

Here are my symptoms:
  • Crying (dramatically) tears of joy.
  • Shaking with fits of pure joy.
  • Breathing into a plastic bag, for fear of hyperventalating...from joy.
Now, I'm no doctor, but I would say that I am experiencing a rare sickness called, lackofbloggingcausesnojoybutbloggingagaincausesmuchjoy...or in simple terms, I'maddictedtobloggingbecauseILOVEit.

Either way you put it, blogging causes me joy, and I hope that by reading my joyfull blogs, that are full of joy, you experience at least a little of my joy for yourself, because that is what I am here, and that is why I blog: TO BRING JOY!

I'm done now.

The End.

Just kidding, you can't get rid of me that easily.

Now, while we are on the topic of joy, I have some pretty good news that has brought ALOT of people joy.

Not exaggerating, I think even people in Northern and Southern Canada are feeling it....Well, maybe not, but if they knew, they definately would be joyful...definately.

The news is this:

My seester, ahem excuse my, sister has skills!

Not that we thought she was lacking them, I mean it was questionable for a time when she hung upside down continuoulsy, but we got through that stage together as a family.

(Example A)

No, this is different, these "skills" I am talking about are skills that some grown mean aren't even blessed with.
Skills that some people would eat a whole can of pickled beets for. (Seriously, do you know one person that actually enjoys pickled beets in a can? That's what I thought....)

Skills that people work night and day just to gain, but still are far from reaching their goal. 

Skills that my Sister is definately blessed with.

Horse riding, cow working, and roping skills, that is.

(Note: The pictures I am about to show you were taken by an amateur *cough*me*cough*, and should not be critized to harshly, after all I am only a moron.)

You see, sister competed in a Ranch Horse show in order to qualify for the Ranch Horse Finals that are held on an annual basis.  Most people who qualify are old (like at least 30) and are men, but this year sister put a stop to this trend, and decided to show all the Cowboys that what this world really needs is a good Cowgirl.

And to that I say AMEN SISTA!! 
(And that is the reason, why I sometimes get glared at by strangers...Pray for me.)

So last week when I told you that we were going to attending a minimum of a thousand (and one) rodeos that week, that is what I meant...and now you also know, why I, and evey other sane person in America, is in love with Rodeo.

The end.  For Real....This time.

Peace, Love, & Go to a Rodeo, It brings joy.

Sweet T

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