Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet Our Animals

This is Max.

Max is special.

Max likes to eat, and chase "things" around the yard.

Max is very loving, especially when you feed him.

Max is kinda weird.

Pink Panther is kinda weird too, just like his rider...but we all love them anyways.

Pink Panther is kind, and gentle, and slightly irritating, but very loyal to his partner in crime, the Brahman Rancher.

Speaking of Brahman's...Tortilla, unlike Pink Panther, is not very loyal.

He is fast, and strong, and I am scared of him...I'm working on that fear.

This is Hoorey.

He is pretty much a member of the family, only he doesn't live in the house, but that's only because he couldn't fit through the door.

Hoorey is definitely a pest, but he is so athletic, and cute, that nobody really cares.

This is....cattle.

They live at the feedyard, and they give me food, and more importantly, clothes.

I love these cattle.

They are cute.

Peace, Love, & Animals are wonderful, and cute.

Sweet T

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