Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I regret to Inform You....

If you haven't noticed that I haven't blogged in approximately a week and 3 days (approximately) than you are either VERY unobservant, or have a life....In either case you might be wondering just WHY? I haven't blogged.

Well it could be one of two reasons:

1) I moved to a little island in Greece to marry a fisherman where Internet is still something of the future.


2) Our computer crashed, and Internet is something of our past, and hopefully near future.

If you guessed Number 1 then you are right.

Just kidding! I don't even like fish.

So if you guessed Number 2, you are VERY right.

You see our computer has been very slow for the past month, and about a week ago it decided to just not work at all...So our beloved computer is at the computer shop getting mended from all the years of usage we put on it.

I'm sorry computer...for all the times I got on facebook, and made you tired.

I'm sorry computer...for all the times I blogged, and made cry with tears of pity for the moron that cannot spell...(ahem, me.)

I'm sorry computer...for all the pictures I downloaded on you of weirdos...(ahem, me again.)

And I'm sorry readers...for all the tears you most likely cried for the blogger that cannot spell, and is a flat out nerd, and hasn't written in what seems like forever.


As soon as I get the computer back, and it's in the best shape of it's life, I promise to abuse it again, and write EVERYDAY!

So get those frowns off your face!

Get those tears out of your eyes!

And be glad you have a little more time of peace before you have to read my stories of nerds (ahem, NOT ME) again.

Peace, Love, & Yes I am writing this from school.

Sweet T

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