Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 Interesting Things You Might Wanna Know...Or Not.

 1. I ate waffles, and a Baked Hash Brown dish for dinner last night.

Breakfast for Dinner.



2.  My Grandma "Mom" brought me and Autumn a set of tin flying pigs.

They were a "Good Luck Stock Showing" present...(Or a "Please Don't kill your pigs before you actually show them" present?)

In any case I find them simply....Beautiful.

They make me happy.

They make me laugh.

And I'm taking him to college with me.

3. I saw Red Stegall this weekend.

He just happened to be watching the Ranch Horse show and sale the same day we were there, and me being the calm, cool, and collected girl that I am, gawked at him the whole time...

Well actually I gawked at him exactly three times that day.

1) When passed him walking down the isles.

2) When I was buying a foot long corn dog with Autumn...I think he actually noticed me then, and he either had a disgusted look on his face, or one of amusement, I couldn't tell.

3) During the Horse Sale.

I considered very seriously belting out a few lyrics when I first noticed him, hoping he would "discover" me, and the talents I've been, ahem, hiding all these years, but my Mom told me that would be a bad idea, because, 1. I can't sing, and 2. I would make his ears bleed. Thanks for believin' in me Mama!

So after my dreams were crushed I was just going to ask if I could take a picture of him, but once again my Mother told me that that would be considered "stalking" and he might call security. 

Stalking?  Seriously stalking?? Come on I am not a stalker in any way.

Oh wait, time for a little shout out to my Homeboy Red.

 I love you Red Stegall! Your my hero!
Call me, and we'll set up an audition...I think I could be the next Reba.
Yes? No? OK, I understand....

Yea, but anyways, stalker?

OK so Maybe my Mother knows what she's talking about after all...just maybe...doubtful, but maybe.

Now if you'll excuse me, I better go clean my room, and the rest of the house, and redecorate while I'm at it, so my Mother won't ground me until I'm 65 and a half.

Peace, Love, & I'm probably the biggest Moron to walk the Earth.

Sweet T

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