Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simply, Cake & Pigs

Part 1: The Cake.

Today, being the loving, and caring, and affectionate granddaughter (definitely not *ahem* bragging or anything...) that I am, decided to make Pop a cake.

Not just any cake either.
It was a Peanut Butter Cake.

You see, I figured I owed it to him seeing that he came all the way to mine and Autumn's stock shows for THREE DAYS in a row...all while fighting a life threatening illness.

Not to mention he kinda sorta, in a round about way, bought our pigs in the sale...

Yes, I would say the least I could do was make him a cake.

Oh, and the whole life threatening illness thing? That was just Pop being a typical man, and whining alot...(Not that I'm stereotyping anyone or anything....?)

Just kidding Pop, we all know you were very sick...*wink*wink*

Anyways, back to the cake.

I got the recipe out of a cookbook (Duh) that my Mother got for Christmas, and being a peanut butter fanatic, I thought, "Hey Sweet Stuff (My American Idol name when I make it, fingers crossed!) How can you go wrong with a peanut butter cake? That's right can't!"

So naturally, I proceeded to make the potentially delicious Peanut Butter Cake...

As the day progressed, the cake was going fine.

I made the cake...out of a box mix....that's not me being lazy, it's just what the recipe called for!

Set it out to cool.

And made the icing...Peanut Butter Icing.

After the icing was all done, I generously poured it all over the top of the two yellow cakes.

That's when things took a turn for the worst.  I mean come icing really supposed to look like sand??

You see, this icing tasted absolutely delicious, but looked absolutely...well?...Disgusting.
It wouldn't even spread all over the cakes, so I had to let it drip all down the sides, and yes it did look tacky.  It was a very tacky cake. 

But seeing as that Pop took the trouble to lay out some cash for our javelinas, all while battling that "life-threatening illness"  I Figured that it's the thought that counts anyways, and that I must deliver the Tacky Peanut Butter Cake, or at least that's how I now refer to it....

So I did just that.
I delivered the cake to our recovering Grandfather, and he agreed whole-heartily with me....It's the thought that counts.

And I did learn a lesson through this whole cake making thing: That cooking is a learning process.  Possibly a very long process, and that every time you mess up, you can't give up (because it's usually the cookbooks fault...just kidding...kinda) and you don't cook so people can just stare at it, you cook so people can come together, eat, and enjoy.

(He still hasn't let me know how it tasted....That either means it was so good he is waiting to tell me in person, or it made him sick, very sick....Let's hope for the positive.)

Part 2: The Pigs.

Well, if you were wondering, I managed not to kill our precious pigs.  I didn't even have to hit them with a frying pan, though I came close.  We even got along well enough to show them at the county, and local shows...we even got a ribbon.

Autumn, and her little darling "Blue Duck" (The villain on Lonesome Dove, odd name, but very accurate for this pig.) won their class, and then competed for breed.

The pig did awesome, and Blue Duck didn't do so bad either....heh heh.
Just kidding Autumn, you can make me cry later when you score 20 points at the basketball game, and I trip over my own two feet, and the half court line.

We Townsend's our strangers to showing pigs, but she kinda looks like she know what she's doing here. Right?
And Blue Duck sure is struttin' his stuff.

Now Augustus (My pig, hero on Lonesome Dove, once again a fitting name...for the pig) and I, on the other hand, placed 5th in my was Augustus's fault!
But thanks to my expert showmanship *cough*cough* we made the sale, and that is really all the matters.  Good Job Sweet Stuff.  (Someone slap me please.)

Well all I can say is, Augustus sure looks nice.

Trail even got to show at the local show, and sadly, he is the best showman out of us all.

Maybe it's because he feels right at home in the animal barn?

Peace, Love, & For the love tacky peanut butter cakes someone please slap me!

Sweet Stuff...uh...I mean, Sweet T

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