Monday, January 10, 2011

Texas Hold'em...the Right way

Over Christmas break we went to my Mimi's house in Springer, New Mexico.

I always love going to stay at Mimi's because it's peaceful.

It's cozy.

There's lots of food.

Lots of sleeping.

Lots of Me and Autumn brutally beating all the old folks in a game of basketball...Ahh yes, memories.

And lots of gambling, cheating, and stealing...

What? Who said that??

Oh...right...well yes, there was gambling, cheating, and stealing at Mimi's...It just wouldn't be Christmas without it...ahem, Pray for us.

You see at night we all gather round and play games, usually its a game of 42, but seeing as Autumn, Mama, and I aren't particularly fond of that game(not to mention are talent at 42 is level ZERO), we played Texas Hold'em instead....

Now when Texas Hold'em is played in New Mexico, you know the game is gonna be serious, so naturally, the stakes were high.  Winner was to receive breakfast in bed, and anything he/she wanted until exactly 7:30 a.m. (This was the men's addition to the rule seeing as they would be off to work before that time...Gentlemen indeed.)

So all the cards were brought out....literally...and the game commenced...

(Sorry, the computer outsmarted me again, and I can't figure out how to rotate the picture...I apologize for my ignorance, past, present and future.)

This is all of us counting our money before know to make sure everything was fair...
But really, who would ever cheat at Texas Hold'em...right?



Nope, wrong....very, wrong.

Let me explain....

 As the night progressed a certain someone who's name I shall not mention to protect from embarrassment, and shame decided she wasn't doing to hot in the ole' card game...

She even rigged the dealing of the cards...choosing which cards should be dealt to the players...and still luck was just not hers....

So in a desperate attempt she slowly, and deliberately started stealing coins from
her Dad...

Low, I know....

She stold so many coins, that she started stashing them in her hat.

And as you might guess, she was eventually caught.
Proved guilty of the crime, and forced to give all the stolen money back, and sleep outside. (Just Kidding...It crossed their minds though, I'm just sure of it!)

OK Yes! The criminal was me.

Yes,  I stole the money from my own Father.

Yes, I stashed it in my loud, obnoxious, gambling hat.

And yes, I was caught red-handed.

But No I'm not sorry!!  I'd do it again, given the chance!!

And No I didn't *ahem*ahem* win the game....but that's beside the point!  I still went out fighting, and lived to tell the tale... 

And don't worry I'll be back next year, with more cards up my sleeve....(maybe literally...)

Peace, Love, & Cheating never pays least not yet....

Sweet T

P.S. Daddy (the person whom I was "stealing" (or so they called it) from, never even realized it till the game was almost over....Yes, I'm that sneaky...or maybe he's that unobservant? I guess we'll never know...

P.S.S.  Autumn was the winner of the big Texas Hold'em game, but she refused to have breakfast in bed...and seeing as that she didn't get up till 7:25 we were all winners!

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