Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soul Sista

Dear Autumn,

Your my sister.

Your my Sista.

Your my soul sista.

Your my best friend.

Your the drummer in my band....fingers crossed.

Your the apple to my sauce...Jk, we both know nobody likes apple sauce....
(Revised:)Your the chocolate to my syrup.

Your my favorite movie quotin' partner.

And fifteen years ago today, you were the only person in the world I would let interrupt my plastic dinosaur playin' time (and let me tell ya' I was havin' a blast,) but as soon as they told me I had a baby sister I was ecstatic, and couldn't wait to see you, and play with you.

Of course, for the first 12 years or so, you thought I was a moron, and interrupted your day, but now....well, but nothing I still am a moron, and still frequently interrupt your day with annoying antics, but we've learned to laugh about it now, and are best friends.

Thanks for putting up with me, and I promise tonight when we go roller blading I won't push you down, or trip you....Well, at least for the first fifteen minutes, and then the war is on.

Peace, Love & Why did my parents buy me plastic toy dinosaurs?

Sweet T

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