Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cherries Good Enough For John Wayne

Over the Holidays in between Christmas parties, and shoveling the snow covered sidewalks (ahem, yes I'm being sarcastic) I managed to find some time for myself....and with that time I chose to make Cherry Cordials.
Or as I would now like to refer to them....Cherries good enough for John Wayne.
I chose John Wayne because he's a fine upstanding citizen with very high standards, and a role model to all.
Especially to Scout whom affectionately calls him "John Waynen."

John Wayne is a Hero to all, and I'm absolutely positive that his favorite meal was a plate full of cherry cordials....

I didn't say steak.


Anyways, as I was saying over the Holidays I made some of these, it was no easy task either.
Blood, sweat, and tears went into these cherries, and I'm not afraid to say it!
Well, at least I'm not afraid to say it now that everybody has already eaten one....
*ahem* Your Welcome Guys!

Anyways...I started with a single perfect cherry, carefully plucked from the jar nearest me.
Sorry, we currently don't have a cherry tree....

Then I proceeded to cover it in a mixture called fondant (It must be French or something?)  You typically use it to make cakes look pretty, but in this case I used it to make the cherries delicious...because they sure weren't pretty.

Then I dipped the cherries in nothing short of the most delicious "dipping sauce" ever...that's right, these cherries are Chocolate covered.

(Pictures courtesy of budding photographer Hope Townsend.)


After letting the cherries sit for about a day...yes they were covered...they were finished and ready for the King of the Cowboys.

Seeing as he wasn't available though, I let my Dad and Trail eat them instead.

I think they were pretty satisfied with the outcome.

So your welcome Mr. John Wayne Sir, I dedicate these life changing cherries to you.

Peace, Love, & "Life is Hard, but it's harder if you're stupid," and burn yourself on the dipping chocolate.

Sweet T

P.S. I know this might come as a surprise to you but I'm not perfect.

And I did, accidentally, harm some cherries in the making of this blog post.

Forgive me.

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