Monday, January 31, 2011

Autumn-A-Palooza! (Part 1)

As I mentioned last week, Saturday was Autumns birthday, and since you only turn fifteen once, we made a whole day out of the celebracion....and me (always thinking ahead....(yeah right)) chronicled the whole day in pictures.

The day started much earlier than Autumn would have liked, but she willingly let this happen so she could open up her presents faster.
She got a card with an Apple, an eye, and a phone on it.
I still don't know what she got, but she was very excited about it.

And so was Trail....

Then we proceeded to drive to town, and eat at Olive Garden.

These too lovely ladies were busy eating, and wouldn't look up at me...(I'm still training them.)
And after about 30 pictures they started to act like they didn't know me, so then I asked the waiting staff if I could photograph them, and get a free meal....Just kidding, that didn't happen, but it crossed my mind.

Possibly the best part of my day was eating these deliciously chocolate mints at Olive Garden.

They consist of two of my favorite things: Chocolate, and fresh, minty breath (two ways to a girls heart.)

They were a perfect end to any I had five of them...just kidding, that didn't happen, but only because I couldn't find the little basket the restaurant usually leaves out...I think they're getting a little too stingy with their aftermints if you ask me.

Then we went to get our (toe) nails done!  And probably the most stressful part of Autumns day (besides choosing the restaurant) was what color to paint her toes; blush or bashful?  (NAME THAT MOVIE!!)

She chose blush....

 And this is the only picture I allowed to be taken of me during the day....Maybe now you see why.

Autumn was really happy about getting her toes done, but everytime I told her to say cheese in a very public place she acted embarrassed?  And then she would walk away like she didn't know me....AGAIN.
I don't know what was with her?
Maybe it's a fifteen thing?
I don't know.

But all in all, PART 1 of Autumn-A-Palooza was a success.

I'll let you in on Autumn-A-Palooza part two tomorrow, but right now I've got to go take a picture of the sales clerk in the grocery store, maybe they'll cooperate with me....

Peace, Love, & I hope taking pictures in grocery stores and/or restaurants isn't illegal.

Sweet T

P.S.  Who's feet are these??

c)King Kong

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Tori said...

Her calas are pink and pink.
Matha, my calas are blush and bashful!!
Steel Magnolias!! (That is the only line I know from the whole movie.)