Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Beautiful Kind...An Addiction Story

I have a problem.

Actually, it's more of an addiction...which I guess, is actually a problem.  I guess?

But in my case this "addiction" is something I inherited from my Mother, who inherited it from her Mother, and so on and so naturally, I blame my ancestors.

Our addiction is an addiction to things of beauty, and to be more specific...Beautiful Boots.

This addiction is getting to be a serious problem, especially for me.

This weekend when we went to Fort Worth for the Ranch Horse Sale, there were tons of vendors.  Tons of vendors that could have sold anything in the world they wanted.  But what did they choose to sell?
Yep, you guessed it...Boots.  (The Beautiful kind.)

I think they did it on purpose too.  It was like they knew a sucker for boots like me, would be there, watching, waiting, and even looking for the perfect pair of beautiful boots, to accommodate my ahem, ugly feet.

It began to get ridiculous.

I would innocently be walking down the isles looking for a pair of leather gloves to warm my freezing hands, or a pair of tongs (because I toss salad so much...p-p-p-lease?), or a nice throw, and out of no where a pair of boots would pop up.

BAAAM!  They would be there just like that, right in my face.  They were calling my name.  (More like screaming...or maybe that was me? I can't remember.)

And I knew it was getting out of hand every time I ran out of the barn crying uncontrollably.  People began to stare.

But this addiction is something that is not cured easily.  In fact, I don't think it's cured at all...EVER.  I just think it can be tamed by the purchasing of many, many pairs of boots. (The Beautiful Kind.)

In fact, I think it's doctor proven....I think....I'm pretty sure....Actually, I'm positive.

So I've made the decision, that in order to save the public, and possibly all of mankind from having to deal with the pyshco I would become if I didn't get my boots, that I need to buy as many boots as possible before the day is over.

I was thinking this pair would be a nice start to the day.

Their lovely.


They're screaming my name!!

Oh sorry, that was just me again...

And these?

Yes, I'm pretty sure these boots would complete me.

But these darlings?

Oh yes, these are the ones.

Forget college.

I just want to buy boots for the rest of my life.

You know not for selfish reasons...just for mankind.
So they wouldn't have to deal with me, if I didn't get my boots...Defiantly not for selfish reasons....well maybe a little...only a little

Thanks alot all my ancestors who passed this addiciton down to me...I blame you!

Peace, Love, & Donations to my cause will be greatly accepted

Sweet T

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Tori said...

Summer, I'm thinking that you must've gotten this addiction from your Mimi. Just ask her how many pairs she has. She's married to a boot maker for crying out loud. Just ask her if Papa made her a pair especially for the ranch rodeo this year? Maybe you should put "boot maker" on your list of requirements for boyfriends.