Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tough Guys?

This is Trail, and his partner in crime.

They're starting a band.

They're tough.

They're crazy.

They love pizza after midnight., and colorful toboggans.

I didn't even have to ask them to's just their natural demeanor.
Which may be the reason why the girls in their class run from them, at least that's what they like to think.

Don't let these tough guys fool ya though, because given the chance they like to squeal like little girls when they get to open presents.

Nevermind the squealing though, this toughness runs in the family.

Just take a look at Reno....

 If this isn't tough, what is??

And Kuper....

He tore into that cake with no fear...absolutely NO FEAR.

Because that's just how these guys do it...

Tackling everyday with NO FEAR.

They're mean.

They're nasty.

They're not afraid of dirt, mud, or blood.

They'll still your candy, and take your girlfriend.

They're only weakness?  BATH TIME.

Peace, Love, & The girls are even tougher than the guys

Sweet T

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