Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Reasons I Love WAFFLE HOUSE

1.  It's beautiful.

Ok, so maybe it's not beautiful to the average person, but to me it's downright lovely.
Everything from the tacky Christmas tinsel they have year round, to the yellow and black neon sign that proudly proclaims "WAFFLE HOUSE" 

Yes in my opinion, it's beautiful, even, dare I say it, gorgeous.

2.  It has character.

Name one other restaurant in the entire world that you can have a tattooed waiting staff that will give you your own personal syrup server?

Some people shriek at the thought of their waitress and/or Waiter having tattoo sleeves (on both arms,) but to me it's just what the WAFFLE HOUSE(s) need to give them that little jump above the rest of the breakfast food industries.  (IHOP is no match.)

You see that is what gives WAFFLE HOUSE character, and another reason why I love it so.

3.  It serves breakfast all day, everyday. 

When I want a waffle I want it now.  And I don't want to have to wait till the next morning to get it. That is why WAFFLE HOUSE is so close to my heart;  it knows my every need, and concern, and it doesn't hesitate to deliver.

WAFFLE HOUSE is number one in my opinion. 

Or maybe it's just that I have an unnatural love for waffles, and pancakes...and breakfast food in general.

For example, when we were in Ft. Worth there was a huge breakfast restaurant right next to our hotel called, Ol' South Pancake House.

 I cried every morning for approximately 30 minutes for my Mother to take me there, but we never went...

Don't worry I'm slowly recovering from my heartache, but my relationship with pancakes has just not been the same since that day....

No I'm not crying? Leave me alone....

Anyways, your probably wondering what we ate at Ft. Worth if we didn't go to Ol' South right?  Well let me tell you food was scarce, and I came close to starving but we did manage to find a few scraps of food laying around at some lame grocery store....

 Ok so maybe "scraps" isn't the right word.  How bout I use uh...FEAST instead?

Needless to say, I thought this food was just perfect!  And don't let the fact that it is a salad fool you, because it didn't even taste anywhere near a salad.  It tasted more like love & peace in food form.

And these babies?

Well just look at them?  That's enough to make you start drooling like a rabid animal.
They were wonderful, and I ate three of them, and then I was content for the rest of my life....or at least until we went back the next day...

This "grocery store" was really no grocery store at all.  It made all normal grocery stores look like Rachel Ray, and it was Julia know what I'm sayin'?  (sorry I've been watching a lot of Julie&Julia...)

They only word I can think of to describe it is "Marvelous" or "Superb" or "What grocery stores look like in Heaven." 

There were blocks of cheese the size of my pickup, and I wanted one. But they were worth more than me so naturally, I didn't even get to touch one.

Long story short, this grocery store is where I want to live where I grow up....well, it or WAFFLE HOUSE. (My first love.)

Peace, Love, & WAFFLE HOUSE, you are perfect.

Sweet T

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