Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Autumn-A-Palooza! (Part 2)

After getting our nails done, we became hungry, just as any professional shopper does, so we went to a Self serve Yogurt place called, Frazzleberry.

It was strange.

It was different.

It was delicious.

It made Autumn very happy....well it made her happy after we finally made it in the building! 
The line was so long, that it extended all the way to the end of the block...

As I kept staring at all these people here four things crossed my mind:

1) Who are these people, and why don't they have lives?
2)Who am I, and why don't I have a life?
3)Why do so many people like yogurt (in frozen form?)
4)What kind of sugary cereal will compliment my yogurt (in frozen form) best?

After about five minutes of waiting, I became extremely bored, and started taking pictures of my family again.

And once again, they acted like they didn't know me, and wouldn't look at me....(I'm still training them.)

And when I started taking pictures of the crowd around us, they disappeared....

By the way, if you see a brunette fifteen year old & her blonde mother anywhere, tell them I looking for them.

Despite the long line, and the missing family report I had to file, the yogurty surprise that awaited me once I entered the building made it all worth it.

They had:
Chocolate yogurt.
Peanut Butter Yogurt.
Vanilla Yogurt.
Blueberry Yogurt.
Strawberry Yogurt.
Cheesecake Yogurt.
And, Watermelon sorbet.

Being very indecisive folks when it comes to our yogurt flavor, we got a sampling of each kind, and then we topped it with every kind of topping ever known to mankind.

 I'm not exaggerating either.  Have you ever had kiwi, or fruity pebbles on top of your yogurt (in frozen form)? 
I didn't think so....

This was definitely a Self serve yogurt  place where all your dreams will come true.

Peace, Love, & Ironically the only flavor they didn't have was birthday cake?  I think I need to make a call...

Sweet T

P.S.  Today while your sitting around your fireplace, or your stove, or your over sized canine, soaking up warmth, keep in mind all those cowboys, and farmers, and sidewalk shoveler's, that our outside in the cold making a living so we can sit beside our fireplace, or our stove, or our over sized canine...

They could really use a nice bowl or something hot.

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