Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chipper Chili

This Meat Packed Monday (THE REVOLUTION!) is going to have to turn into a Tasty Meat Tuesday, because for some reason I am way less busy on a Tuesday, than I am on any given Monday.

Is that a sign?

I think it is....

I don't know what it is supposed to tell me, but it is definitely a sign...

A sign that we should eat meat the whole week long! Most likely....

Anyways, lately I've been feeling a little chili....

And no, not the kind of chili you experience when you walk outside with wet hair, (by the way, I don't recommend doing that...EVER.) but the kind of chili you experience when you eat chili.

Which makes me ask the question:  Why do they call a spicy meat soup, Chili, and at the same time call cold weather chili?  

The world may never know....

Which brings me to my Meat recipe for the week: Chili, and yes it is the spicy kind.

This Chili....(Which contains lots of beef, as every plate in America should...)

(Which I don't have a picture of because I have come to the conclusion that there is no possible way on this earth to make Chili look appealing by way of photography. 
It's impossible.
It's inconceivable.
And it's possible, and conceivable that maybe I am just a moron, and don't know how to use the "Food" setting on my camera....
I am sorry.)

Is a defiantly something I would eat on a chili day (Your chuckling on the inside...I know it.)

It warms the soul.

It warms your heart.

It warms the Earth!!

Just kidding...but if any chili could do it, it would be this very Chili.

It contained all the ingredients necessary to make this Chili take on some sort of magical ability to make all who consume it, a little bit happier...and a little more chipper.  (Chipper Chili?  AHA!!)

So anyways, instead of explaining the magic to you, I'll just provide the recipe so you can experience the warming of hearts & souls for yourself....

  • 1 pound. Ground Beef
  •                 seasoned to taste with pepper, salt, & Garlic Powder
  • Chopped onion - to go into the beef.
  • half can tomato paste
  • 1 can Garbanzo beans
  • Half Cup Beef Broth
  • A third cup of freshly brewed coffee
  • A Fourth cup of chili powder
  • Tablespoon Oregano
  • Anything else you feel like adding, Really folks, this is as simple as simple Chili can get...
Start by cooking the Ground Beef, in addition with the Chopped onion.

Add the pepper, salt, and Garlic power....Add however much you feel like, if your having a really good day, throw in an extra dash of salt...Trust me, it will add to your merriment.

Once you have the meat cooked all nice and...cooked, add the tomato paste Beef broth.  Beef Broth.  The next best liquid invention next to Dr. Pepper. Let it simmer on medium high...or high, it doesn't matter.  This Chili is as simple as me.

Proceed to add the Garbanzo beans, and Chili Powder.  Yummm.

After the Garbanzo Beans are nicely cooked in, add the coffee, and oregano.

Let the chili simmer half covered until you are ready to eat.

And then when that time comes, let the heart & Soul warming begin.

The End forever and ever Amen.

(By the way, I suggest you garnish the Chili with a piece of corn bread(or two or three...) sour cream, cheese, and jalapenos, it makes all right in the world.

Peace, Love, & May your hearts and souls all be warm forever.

Sweet T

P.S.  This Chili is so simple...Please add anything you feel like or wish, because your own personal touch will make this Chili even better.   But Don't forget the BEEF!!!

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