Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eat Beef, and Live!

Look at these faces....

Do you know what they need?
What they long for?
What is crucial for their well-being? and their livelihood??


Beef, is the answer to....everything.  It's the answer to a healthier you, to a more attractive you, to a happier you, to a more out-going you, to an awesome you.

Beef sustains life, especially when your the daughter of a cattleman.

For me, beef pays for college, keeps me fit, buys me clothes, keeps me full, buys me clothes, keeps me happy, buys me clothes, keeps me ALIVE, and buys me clothes.

In fact, just this afternoon, I had a wonderful, delicious lunch of steak, potatoes, and greenbeans.  And already I m feeling as if I could take on the world!

But, it has been brought to my attention by my aunt and comrade, and fellow blogger Tori, ( that a lady, that goes by the name of Oprah, wants to put an end to my happiness, to my full stomach, and to my stylishly clothed body.  Oprah has started a new campaign that goes by the name of "Meatless Monday."

Now this idea is all fine and dandy until we get to the whole "Meatless" thing, and the fine and dandy just stops right if you think about it there is absolutely nothing fine and dandy about this whole statement. (Is it possible to say "fine and dandy" too much?  Fine and dandy, fine and dandy, fine and dandy, find some candy, dan and randy....Nevermind, I just answered my own question.)

Anyways, in my opinion Mondays are bad enough as it is, and then you take away my meat, and well, they just become downright unbearable!

So if you will go read my dear Aunt Tori's blog you will find that she totally disagrees with Oprah, as do I, and wants to start her own revolution (You go girl!) that involves a Monday absolutely FULL of meat.  What could be better than a meat packed Monday?  That's right, absolutely, positively, most definitely, nothing.

So join the cause!
Join the revolution!
Fight for your right to eat meat!
Fight for your right to enjoy a delicious steak whenever you want to!
Fight for the chance to have a a plate full of meatloaf with a side of meatloaf!
And we will straighten out the world, one dinner plate at a time.

Peace, Love, & Beef, it's whats for Dinner....and breakfast, and lunch, and snack time....and I could go on, and on, and on Forever, Amen.

P.S.  Tomorrow we will be posting meat packed recipes, and votes for what our meat packed Monday revolution should officially be called.  So present your ideas to the world, or to your friends, or to somebody you meat, uh, I on the street, and  help the meat eaters cause.

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