Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lovely Market Street

Oh dear readers, and humans alike, I have some sad, devastating news:

My Lovely Mother & My Sista don't love me.

I know, awful isn't it?

They are such, sweet, lovely ladies, yet they can't seem to find it in their heart to take care of lil 'ol me...

What will I do?
Who will I confide in? 
Who will I talk to? 
Who will I make fun of?!

You see today.....

My lovely mother, and my Sista went to the dentists office so Sista could become a Brace(less)face.  (If you didn't catch my drift she's getting her braces off...)

I 'magine she looks remarkable, but all lovely facts aside, they didn't bother to take me with them.

They are going to go to Market Street afterwards, and they still didn't bother to take me with them.

Market Street!

The very grocery store that stole my soul, and made my life whole again.

The very grocery store that I was once almost escorted out of because I had "too many samples." 
(Too many samples??  Is there such a thing??)

The very grocery store that every time I encounter one of it's kind, I scream gleefully.

The very grocery store that my Lovely Mother, and my Sista neglected to take me too....

How will I ever recover?

How will I ever get through this?

Pray for me....

Peace, Love, & Maybe they'll bring me back a "surprise."  Fingers crossed!

Sweet T

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