Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Goodness Steak....

The weekend has been full of San Antonio.

A city that I have always loved, but now (much to S.A. residents dismay,) love even more.

It's authentic.

It's lively.

It's beautiful.

And I wish I could go there every three and half weeks.

Just for a quick visit. 
To take a few pictures by the river walk, eat a few enchiladas, buy a few pairs of boots, fight a few battles at the Alamo...you know nothing TOO big...

But the details of my weekend in the wonderful city of San Antonio will have to wait, because right now more important things are at steak!

And yes I said STEAK.

Yesterday, as I hope you all remember, was another Meat Packed Monday (the revolution) and I was not around any computer, at all, until around 6 o'clock, and by then I was exhausted, drained, just wanted my mommy, and chicken noodle soup.  (Not to exaggerate or anything....)

So, since I wasn't able to post yesterday about one of God's greatest blessings: BEEF.  I will just have to post my beef recipe today.

Today though, I am going to venture to post the unexpected! 
(Is your anticipation level a 10 yet?? I thought so....)

I'm going to post a fast food beef recipe!!!

No don't gag yet, this isn't any regular fast food recipe, that will cause your arteries to clog, or your heart to frown.

This is a Schlotzskys fast food recipe, and it is delicious, wonderful, and makes all right in the world.

My parents wouldn't allow me to actually photograph the sandwich in the restaurant, seeing as there were alot of military personnel in the room, so I got this picture from the Internet, but don't let the graphic design technology fool you.

This sandwich looked just as good in person.
Tasted just as good as it looked.
And had nutritional values as well.

It's the perfect sandwich, because it's everything you want in a sandwich:  It's Beautiful inside, and out.

So here is my beef recipe for the day (a day late, but it's here none the less...):  Eat beef.

Any kind of beef.
Rare, medium rare, or well done.
With a little fat on it, or alot. ( I prefer, ahem, alot!)
Cooked on a grill, or in a skillet.
Baked into a loaf of perfection, or sliced with a knife, tender, and juicy.

It doesn't matter how you eat your beef.

All that matters is that you eat beef, and alot of it.

Preferably everyday of your life, for the rest of your life, Amen.

Peace, Love, & The Beef Revolution Continues! (Joyfully, and Lovingly.)

Sweet T

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