Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Sunday Birthday

I love Sundays.

Today I love Sundays even more than usual, because this Sunday is My Daddy's birthday, and I get to make fun of his age all day!  (He's 40 by the way, so I'll be taking him down to our Local Allsups here in an hour or two so he can get the Senior discount on the Chimichangas...)

Just kidding, I won't make fun of him ALL day...

Naturally, when people talk about their father's they are bursting over with pride because of who their Dad is, and all that he's done, and this case is no different.

I love my Daddy, and he is the type of role-model that not many daughters are lucky enough to have. 

He is the hardest-worker I know, and his hard work definitely reap benefits.  Just watch him do anything from doctoring cattle on a daily basis, to showing in a Ranch Horse Show, and you will notice that he works at what he does very hard.

He has also been blessed with tremendous talent that not many have.  He does not brag about this talent EVER though.  Instead, he is always quick to applaud someone else for their "job well done" rather than think about himself.

He is fun.  There is never a dull moment at our house, because we are either playing football out in the yard, roping at the feedyard, watching an old John Wayne movie, or just sitting around talking and telling stories, and this One of Daddy's favorite things to do, and I'm pretty sure everyone elses' too...

I'm so grateful to have Daddy in my life as a role model, a teacher, a friend, and most of all my Daddy.

Peace, Love, & He is sooo OLD....Uh, I mean...Full of Knowledge.

Sweet T

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