Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Blue & Cookies

Over Christmas break we went to Matt & Erica's for an adorable/precious/funny/I want to take him home with me, little boys  first birthday party.

Kuper was the birthday boy, and he is also auditioning for America's Next top Baby Model in June....Just kidding, but if there were such a thing, he would be the winner.

Just look at those dazzling eyes!
And that confidence!
Well it was either confidence, or confidence induced by his first sugar rush....

And speaking of sugar rush's...Kupers father (Better known as Matt,  or Moron, whatever you prefer to call him...) is responsible for Trails on-going sugar rush.

You see, Moron...uh, I mean, Matt, was in charge of Trail for a full day, while us girls and the birthday boy went shopping....

Well, instead of feeding a Trail a healthy, and nutritious lunch like any normal person would do, Matt let Trail pick out his own lunch.

And Trail chose "Big Blue" with a side of cookies....

Big Blue?  I can only imagine what is in "Big Blue" to make it well, Blue...

I have a very strong hunch that there is a lot of artificial flavoring in there.

And the artificial flavoring is responsible for this...The on-going Sugar Rush.

And when I say "on-going" I mean that he still has not recovered from it, and he will probably never be the same again.

Thanks Matt.
I now have to live with a kid on a sugar high for the rest of my life.

Peace, Love, & What's next? Big Pink???

Sweet T

P.S.  Here are more results of Trails sugar rush....

Pray for him.

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