Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Autumn-A-Palooza! (Part 3...The Final Story.)

And finally the day had to come to an end....

But the day did not come to an end, with out some major fun, and some major bruises.

We started the night off buy picking up Autumn's friends and having a partay(not party, Partay)....and Autumn's friends apparently get bored riding with "nerdy/controlling/mother hen me, so they took crazy pictures of themselves, repeatedly....

But no it didn't aggravate me!
And no I wasn't upset!
And no I'm not intimidated by Freshmen!
And no they didn't make me cry!

Ahem,....Um, Let's move on...

Once we made it to our destination, I tried to a get a group photo of everyone, but they wouldn't ALL look at me ALL at once...What is it with people today not wanting to get photographed in public!

And to make things even more aggravating, they kept sticking their unwanted hands in my pictures.

I think they were mocking me.

I think they were making fun of me too....

But I got my payback, when the waiting staff made Autumn stand up in her chair in front of everyone!

Who's getting mocked now sista? And How does it feel to be a nerd, and for everyone to stare at you like your a moron, and make you embarrassed, and want to run crying to your Mother???

Sorry, I have issues....

After eating way too much, we decided to go burn off some calories at the skating rink, and along with burning off calories, I think some of us burned off bone matter too, seeing as that we couldn't stay on our feet for longer than 3 and half minutes at a time.
(Sorry for the picture quality, the lighting in the rink was B-B-B-B-aad (not to the bone either) and I'm a moron and haven't exactly figured this whole photography thing out yet...I blame society.)

Seeing as we burned off so many calories skating, we decided we didn't like being fit, and ate some cake that my Mother made to order, just for the birthday girl.

We ate lots of cake actually.

It was pretty cake.
It was delicious cake.
And who really wants to be fit anyway?

So after all was said, and done, Autumn-A-Palooza was a success.

Over the weekend we learned some very valuable life lessons:

Olive Garden is stingy with their mints, and doesn't appreciate you taking pictures while eating.
Pedicures are always much better when you paint your toes the color off, Blush.
I''m scared of Autumn's friends.
My family tends to ignore me when I take pictures of them in public.
My family tends to ignore me when I take pictures of them in public.
Wear knee pads when you go rollerskating.
My Mother makes delicious cakes.
Autumn is fifteen.
My family tends to ignore me when I take pictures of them in public.

Peace, Love, & Everyone should participate in Autumn-A-Palooza

Sweet T

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