Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today I wish....

That I could go to the tropics, or Italy...whichever is more convenient.

That there were heaters in our basement...lots, and lots of heaters.

That I could eat cinnamon rolls...lots, and lots of cinnamon rolls.

That my hair was really, really long so it would keep my neck warm.

That I had insulated sweatpants, toe socks, mittens, sweatshirt, parka, legwarmers, etc...

That I could go get a manicure, and paint my nails red.

That I had a laptop in my room so I could blog in the warmth, instead of the frigid cinder block garage.

That I knew Spanish, so I could order enchiladas properly.

That I could run like the wind.

That I had a cute winter coat, so I wouldn't frequently be mistaken for a hobo.

That my name was Scarlett.

That my boyfriends name was Rhett.

That I was a Southern Belle.

That my pickup was pink.

That jewelry grew on tumbleweeds.

That I wasn't a moron.

Peace, Love, & Oh, I wish that I could sing too....for the benefit of my unwilling listeners.

Sweet T

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