Friday, February 18, 2011

This Lady...

This Lady.

This Lady who has two (adorable/funny/wonderful/their my best friends) kids.

This Lady who makes wonderful meatloaf muffins....Seriously, If I could choose my last meal, it would be these darlings...

This Lady who is my Style Icon.

This Lady who has lovely brunette hair.

This Lady who I would not want to fight....ever, ever, ever....

This Lady who is just as nice, as she is funny.

This Lady who is talented in so many ways.

This Lady who makes fun of me...rightly so too.

This Lady who is quick to offer a helping hand.

This Lady who is quick-witted.

This Lady who is lively.

This Lady who has always been there for me, and everyone else.

This Lady whom I look up to.

This Lady who turned 30 last week.  (But looks much younger.)

This Lady whom I, and so many others, love.

Peace, Love, & Will this Lady make me some more Meatloaf Muffins?? Pretty Please? With Meatloaf on top???

Sweet T

1 comment:

Tori said...

You are a sweetie!! As I scrolled down and read all the nice things you wrote about me, I was fully prepared to see the geekiest picture ever at the bottom. Thanks, you might even be nicer than me!! ha ha