Friday, February 18, 2011

Without A Valentine

Tonight my family and I are having our Annual Fancy Valentines Supper.

It's a tradition that I wouldn't miss out on even for a George Strait concert, or shopping spree....well, ok maybe I would the shopping spree, but that's besides the point!

The point is we are celebrating it a week late due to traveling conditions the prior week, so this makes it even more special because we're putting a spin on an old tradition. 

Cool isn't it?

It makes me feel rebellious.
I think I might I might go start a bar fight. 
Wait I'm not allowed in those. 

Nevermind, I think I'll go TP my neighbors yard. 
Wait, I'm not allowed there either?  So much for feeling rebellious...

Anyways, I didn't actually have what you would call a "Valentine" this year, so the extra week gave me some time to find one!

But I didn't manage to do that....Yes, I'm fine, these aren't tears, I just have something in my eye....*sniff, sniff*, in both eyes!  (Forgive me, I was born a moron...)

So I had to settle for the most handsome guy in town.....

His name is...Rail.

He's a babe.

He can rope too.

Be jealous girls.

*Gasp* Wait!

What's this?!

Who is this girl with my Valentine???

Why Rail?! WHY???!!!

Peace, Love, & I guess I'll just be Valentineless this year...Oh well, that's what chocolate is for.

Sweet T

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