Monday, February 7, 2011

Beef Recipe #1

Ok I'm well aware today is a Monday...

and that Mondays are usually stereotyped typed as either of the following:

Moronic...Nevermind that's what I'm stereotyped as, rightly so too...

But despite these facts I'm finding myself in an incredibly good mood on this Monday evening?

Could it be because it was a BEEF-it-full day?! I think so!!

As you'll remember it is Tori's goal in life to get beef back on our plates and in our stomachs, on mostly every night of the week, month, year, etc...

So today (Monday,) is our "beef" day of the week.  One of Tori's goals is to name this meat packed Monday, and me being the high school student that would rather focus on other things than homework, has had lots of time to come up with some ideas.  Observe....

1) Meat Packed Monday....An obvious name, but with good results I would say.
2)Meat Me For Lunch Monday....meAt. Get it?  Got it? Nevermind....
3)Eat Meat This Monday or Pay the Price!...a little too brutal?  Ok, I get it....
4)Meat Your Maker if You Don't Eat Meat On Monday!.....Sorry, I'm getting a little carried away, but what can I say? I LOVE BEEF!

Well those are my ideas anyway, however lame they may be...But my vote is that whatever we "name" our Mondays, that it must end with, Revolution, because after all we are trying to revolutionize the foodie world right??

Can I get an AMEN?!

Thank You.

So for my Beef Recipe....

I chose to make Lasagna.

Your mouth is watering already, yes?

Well how bout now?

This lasagna was the most delicious I ever had, and I'm not saying that because I helped make it, or because it contained lots (lots, and lots, and lots!) of beef, I'm saying that because it is the whole and honest truth. Honestly.

Granted, I'm a huge Italian food fan, this Italian dish was made perfect by the beef.

It was seasoned just right, contained just the right amount of onions, and was cooked to it's perfect state.
It was indeed perfection on a plate.

And Little Bro agrees whole-heartily with me...

And you will agree with me whole-heartily as well, if you choose to make this dish, which I whole-heartily hope you do.  Whole-heartily.

That being said, my Mother will post the recipe tomorrow, because her head holds all the knowledge needed to create this one-of-a-kind BEEF filled dish.

Peace, Love, & All we need is Beef, Sweet Beef.

Sweet T

P.S.  I'd like to dedicate this post to these guys.

Without them I would be scrawny, mean, ugly, and hungry.

LONG LIVE BEEF.  (the revolution!)


Tori said...

Hey I would like to know exactly how ya'll make that yummy stuff. Do you mind sharing or is it top secret?

Preston said...

Lasagna looks delicious! Janey