Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I love lots of things.

Family, food, cowboys, water, glass figurines...the list goes on and on.

Naturally I'm talking about Valentines Day which is the horrifying/wonderful day we all got to experience yesterday.  It's fun if you are in a relationship because you get to lavish your loved one with gifts.  If your single it's equally fun because you get to lavish yourself with gifts of your choice. (Ahem, I chose chocolate.)

I got lavished with a grand meal too.

It was so grand I don't think it can be considered a meal, but more of like a banquet, or a reception, or a shmorgisborg!

Whatever you call it (I prefer shmorgisborg.) it was wonderful.

And a bit dramatic for six people, but hey its what we do.

We made Homemade Gnocchi. (A pasta made from potatoes AKA: Heaven in dough form.)

We made strawberries with cream...

That we ate with our flour less chocolate cake that my lovely sister made. 

It was the best cake I've ever had.

It was beautiful.

It made me cry.

The End.

And of course what kind of partiers would we be if we didn't drink our bubbly. 

(If you use your imagination that sentence rhymes...not on purpose I promise. I think...)

Did I mention our bubbly comes in the form of grape juice?

I thought so....

Peace, Love, & Happy Valentines Day to the single and the taken

Sweet T

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