Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm A Total Junkie

Today is Friday.  It's a good day.

Well, it didn't start out as a good day because one of my professors made me cry because I'm incompetent with a video camera, and can't pass a test to save my life, and because I'll never become a director, even though I never had any intention of ever being one, and because I love chocolate too much, and because it's Friday and who really administers a test on Friday anyways? And because my favorite color is a shade between turquoise and jade, And because I named a cat "Rosie" one time, And it's February 10, and that just has to be an unlucky day for me even though it's my Sweet Aunt Tori's birthday (Much Love to ya T-Sizzle) and I just want to paint and cook for the rest of my life but no one in the world of education seems to understand that but my family and close friends do so that's exactly why after this rather lengthy chain of unfortunate events my Grandma and my Great Grandma saved me from the pit of I-don't-need-no-education Despair by taking me Junkin'.

*********************I'm taking this moment to catch my breath**********************

Ok, I feel better now that I got all that off my chest.

Most of it is not even relevant to why I'm a big baby and cried this morning but I just felt like I would be doing you a favor by letting you know my favorite color, and my cat's name.  Your welcome.

What is relevant though is that Mom and Gran took me junkin' today, and it made my soul sing.

(For those of you who don't know what Junkin' is here is your proper definition.....:

Junkin': The act of going to really neat stores and buying old scuffed up things that you will probably never use, but then again you might.  And in the chance that you do find a place to use your junk, everything becomes right in the world. Amen.)

We spent all afternoon roaming through various Junk stores that smelt of old wood, and cinnamon and found some of the greatest junk. 

Most of this "Junk" probably seems just like that, junk.  But if you are a true junker, down in your soul you will see what can become of all this junk...A glorified mess.  Which is exactly what we want it to be.

This is a chandelier. Duh...

My lovely sister is wanting a chandelier for her room so it can take on that whole Shabby/Chic/Western look....Don't worry I'm confused too. 

Not Really.

This is a floor. Duh...

The coolest floor I've ever seen. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I want to be a Professional Junker.

Sweet T

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