Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Moccasin's & Their Pathetic Owner

These are my babies, and I love them.

They keep my feet warm, stylish, and sure-footed.  I'm as agile as an Indian in them...or I wish I was as agile as an Indian in them...

But you'll notice in the picture above that these particular moccasins are nothing short of a disaster.

Don't blame them though, they have been through alot.

They are the moccasin's I wore to the First Day of School my Senior year.

I wore them when I was on homecoming court and had to walk across the football field in my beautiful black dress...they were a much better alternative than heels.

And I wore them basically everywhere I went last year so, naturally they would be in rough shape.

The day my Mom told me that I shouldn't/couldn't wear them anymore because they "were the ugliest things she'd ever seen" was the saddest day of my life...

But Hark! A new dawn arose when I found new, lovely moccasins to comfort my grieving feet!

They are so lovely, so comfortable, and they make me as agile as an Indian, except when I walk...then I'm not so agile.

Peace, Love, & Moccasins are God's gift to the shoe lover

Sweet T

P.S. I never got rid of my ugly/pathertic/worn out moccasins...I stowed them away somewhere deep in my closet so that someday I can show them to my kids, and tell them that their Mom was as agile as an Indian. Amen.

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