Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Graduation

I know I'm a few months late on posting graduation pictures, but in my defense I didn't get them in 'till yesterday, and again in my defense, I had major hat hair in most of the pictures, and it is ABSOLUTELY impossible to look cute in a gown, and square shaped hat...absolutely impossible.

Don't believe me?

Oh, you will...

Most people say that 20 years from now, I'll look at these pictures, and gag...well, what does it tell me when I already do that?

Maybe I just won't look a these pictures ever again....and pray my FH (Future Husband) doesn't EVER find them.

Maybe I'll hide them in our attic, if we have an attic, and put them in a box that says "Trash" and they'll accidentally get thrown away...?

Maybe one day I'll accidentally get so cold, that I'm on the verge of hypothermia, and I'll have to use them to ignite our fireplace...?

Maybe I need a life...?

Now I know what your thinking...that I have a way to concentrated look on my face in this picture, and your right...

I was concentrating on where I should put my feet to avoid the embarrassment on tripping in front of the whole audience...It's a fear that still haunts my dreams at night.

Another fear of mine is getting up in front of people and speaking, which is probably why I was chosen to say the opening prayer!

I can't remember who gave me that job, but I would like to personally thank them....and yes I am being sarcastic.

Well sort of sarcastic, because actually my prayer didn't go to bad....well, except for the whole I forgot to turn the mike on thing, which brings me to a pet peeve of mine: WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE THE MIKE ON IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Ahem, excuse  while I go breath into a paper bag...


Here is the whole happy family, and a great example of my hat hair.

Peace, Love, & I think instead of gowns, graduates should just wear overalls to their ceremony...they are much more practical.

Sweet T

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