Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blinded by the Light

 "Blinded by the Light...

Mama always told me not to look in to the eyes of the sun,

But mama, that’s where the fun is.

But Mama that's where the fun is."
This morning me, and Autumn went on our morning run...well, we don't do it every morning, but most mornings...or most mornings when we feel like it...OK OK, we go every now & then, but we went today nonetheless.
After we sweated, and huffed, and puffed through 1 mile (My personal best! Not that I'm bragging or anything...) we decided just to stroll on home, and listen to my "Rockin' BBQ Radio" on Pandora, and enjoy the early morning sunrise...which mocked us by blaring into our eyes.
On the way home, instead of focusing on the pain in my lungs from the 1 mile run (Did I mention it was my personal best?), or the that everything was starting to go black out because the sun was so bright, I instead enjoyed a deep and meaningful conversation with my Sister.
We talked about boys, and food, and the beach, and the upcoming school year (Hey, to an 18 year old, and a 15 year old that is meaningful.) and I started noticing how blessed we are.
OK duh, I know we've always been blessed, but in an America where everyone is complaining about how hot it is, and how much everyone needs rain, it's nice to just slow down, look around, and be thankful for the things we do have instead of being depressed about the things we don't.
I know I'm naive, and young, and dumb, and I'm still like a baby bird, or a sea turtle that hasn't ventured out into the world on my own yet (blame my analogies on the Brahman Breeder) but I'm choosing to be positive, and choosing to be thankful that at least we have corn that is taller than my very tall sister...

And that at least we have families that love us, and want to take care of us...

And that at we least we live in a country where we are free...

And that at we least we live in a small community where someone will always be there to help you...

And many, many, many more reasons, Amen.

So here's my advice to you the next time you get down, or discouraged: take a walk with one of your favorite people, talk about meaningless things, take pictures of your beautiful surroundings, and come home and eat something incredibly does wonders for you soul.

Peace, Love, & I can't believe I compared myself to a baby bird, or a sea turtle....

Sweet T

Song courtesy of Manfred Mann...not one of my usuals but it seemed fitting when I heard it on my "Rockin' BBQ Radio"...again not one of my usuals, but it seemed fitting....Sorry I'm a nerd.

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