Monday, July 25, 2011

The Difference between Autumn & Summer

Autumn is brunette...I am blonde.

She is fast...I am slow.

She is a night owl...I get up with the roosters.

She is tall & skinny...I am...well, I'm not tall & skinny.

She likes to dress like a "cool cat"...I dress like a hippie.

She talks to herself in the mirror...I make fun of her.

She makes fun of me...I cry.

She is quiet & smart...I babble.

She eats oreos...I eat fruit...(yet she's still so tall, and skinny? Someone explain this to me!)

Her love is named "Hoorey"...mine was "Alotofbull" (Yes, they are horses.)

She "could eat five tapioca's for breakfast" (a direct quote)...I have toast & peanut butter.

She wears high-top converse...I have moccasins.

This is her shortcake dessert:

this is mine:

So obviously we are different, but we love each other nonetheless, as all good sister do.

Peace, Love, & OK, OK...I eat oreos too.

Sweet T


Those blackberries you see on the dessert above are actually from the supermarket, but tonight we are going to pick fresh ones!

Fresh blackberries...I die.

And then I make blackberry butter, blackberry cobbler, blackberry ice cream, and so on and so forth.

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