Monday, August 15, 2011

Stories of a Wondering Moron

I am sitting here before you a lowly, and pathetic, and paint-drenched woman that is so ashamed, and so embarrassed of my lack of blogging for the past two weeks....

It really makes me gag when I think of all the days I went without blogging my heart out as I would have normally...but you probably didn't care to know that.

But I told you anyways.

Because I care for you.

It's how I roll.

Speaking of caring...You might also like to know what I've been doing for the past two weeks instead of blogging, am I right?

Of course I'm not but, I'm going to tell you anyways.

Because I care for you.

I care for cupcakes too.

I kinda think they care for me back but thats a different story for another time...

Folks, for the first week of my blogging absence I must have been unconscious because I cannot for the life of me, or for the life of my garden (hint hint: It has no life...and neither do I.) remember what I did?  This is a problem that will probably  never go unsolved and I'll end up on that lifetime show called "Unsolved Mystery's" and will make millions off of my "story" and then I'll get to pay people to make me gardens all day long. (Fingers crossed.)

The second week however, is a much different story because, I vividly remember what I did, and now you will get to vividly see what I did....

Enjoy your hearts out.

The week started in this room....This giant room called the "airport."

Yes it was a foreign concept to me, and yes, I did wear that hat.


Because I like it. That's why.

After the airport we ended up here.

It's called the "Ocean."

It was beautiful.

It was peaceful.

I think I kinda like this thing called, "ocean."

And after this place we went many, many, many more places.  I was even starting to feel like Johnny was a nice feeling.

And I will show you all these beautiful, wonderful, new places, but right now my computer is acting like my sister in the mornings: cranky, and uncooperative.

So for now dear, and devoted friends ( you must be devoted if you're still reading after all these weeks right? Yes. And for that I am forever in your debt!) I bid you farewell while I go and scrub the paint off my skin.

That is also a different story for another time....

Peace, Love, & I've been everywhere man...

Sweet T

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