Monday, August 22, 2011

My Alotofbull

I've been reminiscing today, and I don't know why.

Maybe it's because I've been packing my whole room into two tiny bags? (OK, I lied...they are not tiny, and there are way more than two.)

Maybe it's because I cleaned out my pickup, and found a memory in every crumb that has been  crumbled into that pickup for the last seven years? Take a look at our vacuum and you'll see that there were ALOT of memories.

Maybe it's because I've been inhaling too many paint fumes? I've got to make my dorm pretty, and the only way I know how to do that is by covering everything that is mine in paint...even my pillows.

Or maybe it's because I ate so much of my Mama's bread pudding yesterday that I thought I was going to die? No joke, her bread pudding is TO DIE FOR.  And I did my best in trying to eat myself to death with it...

My reminiscing didn't stop when I started looking through the pictures on my camera either because, I found this photo...

Your right...this isn't an old photo, in fact it was taken two weeks ago, but it's the subject matter that causes me to reminisce.

You see, the horse in this here photo was, and still is to this day my favorite horse...EVER, Amen. 

He was my Alotofbull.

The first horse I ever fell off of.

The first horse I ever roped off of.

The first horse I was scared to death of because he had a tendency to want to buck, and I know most of you didn't know this about me but I am NOT A BRONC RIDER.  (Sorry I had to break it to you this way...)

The first horse I ever truly loved.

But like every other agricultural family in the world, we have to make a living, and we had to do that by selling Alotofbull.

Thankfully though, we sold him to a good home in West Virginia! He now works the race tracks everyday controlling the actual race horses.  And his "new" owners were kind enough to let me come visit him one last time, before I head off into the adult world.

He looked just the same as he always had....Bold....Wild....and Beautiful.

And if a Big, Wild, and Beautiful horse comes up missing in West Virgina just forget you ever read this...

Peace, Love, & There'll never be another like My Alotofbull

Sweet T

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