Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cute Houses & Tobacco

I have a thing for old, cute houses, and decaying tobacco barns.
It's true.

Which is exactly why I felt so at "home" being in this home.

What can I say?  It's cute.  It's old.  It's a regular dream house.

And it's also the house where we stayed at for two days of our "Tour of  Some States we've never been to!"  (By the way, that's what I've started calling our's kind of catchy.)

Not only was this house charming, it had so many stories behind it and, being more than 84 years old you can imagine just how many stories there were...Hint, Hint: ALOT.

True, it was makeshift, and a little tattered in parts but, that is what added to it's appeal, and made me want to live there forever...well that is if we could move it to Texas because, I discovered I'm not too fond of wooded areas...especially in the dark.

(*Note: When I say "Not too fond" I actually mean that I am the biggest "scardy cat" on the face of the Earth.)

And this is the decaying tobacco barn...

(*I didn't get too close to it therefore, I din't get a very good picture...refer to statement above.)

Now I don't smoke tobacco, or dip it, or eat it, or whatever else you can do with it, but for some reason I am facsinated at it?  How could you not be? It's a beautiful, big, leafy plant that is taller than a small child, and it's grown in pretty much every state we went through on our "Tour of Some State we've never been too!" 

In fact, I think I'll start growing it in my dorm that legal?

Peace, Love, & The stars at night are not so big in bright when your surronded by trees...

Sweet T

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