Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Market Street

My roommate.

She is amazing, and I'm not just saying that because if I don't she could sabotage my side of the room, I am saying that because today she showed me that I have not been living.

She showed me that I am but a young, ignorant girl that has yet to taste the most wonderful ,found inside a wonderful grocery store, located in this wonderful town.  She showed me (Wonderful) Market Street.

You see, we had to make a little trip to a bookstore to get our books for our classes (and yes, classes did start yesterday...we are just procrastinators.) and in those 30 minutes we were actually in the bookstore we became very, VERY hungry...as any normal college girl would. So we decided to go eat...as any normal college girl would.  Did I already say that? Oh well...it's what any normal college girl would do.

So my roommate (who's name I cannot give you at this time because I haven't actually "Ok'd" it with her yet to blog about her so she shall remain nameless until she so rightly chooses...I will tell you this though, her name is not Ethel. Just thought I'd share that with you....)

Alright continuing....my roommate use to work at Market Street, so she suggested that we take a little trip there to go eat.  It was the best decision that anyone has ever made in their life.

It was delicious.

They have Italian food places, sushi bars, salad bars, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches...ham sandwiches! And my personal favorite part: A BAKERY.  This place amazed me.  No, it did more than amaze me, it stunned me into a food coma, one that I hope to never recover from, because it is a place full of happiness, bliss, and 55cent Artisan Rolls. When you are a poor college student 55cent Artisan rolls mean EVERYTHING.

I opted for the salad bar.  I do declare it was the loveliest salad bar I have evvvaaa seen before! I do declare! (Honestly, I really do declare that.)

I was so happy about how many options I had that I kinda went overboard, and piled my salad about three feet high...OK, it wasn't three feet high, but that is only because it wouldn't have fit in my carton...No, I didn't cry about that! Why are you asking? Who have you talked too! Tell me NOW! (Sorry...I think the blue cheese dressing is getting to my head.)

After I finished devouring my meal at my roommates parent's house (They probably thought I hadn't eatin in three days...) I told myself, I said, "Self, you have got the best roommate in the WORLD!"

In fact, I think she deserves a lot of cupcakes now....Don't we all?

Peace, Love, & I have been ruined.

Sweet T

P.S. I would have taken pictures of my salad, but....I was too hungry.

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