Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Princess & Her Coffee

I have always thought of myself as a Princess, and that I needed to live in a palace...Sad, but true.

I have always detested the thought, and taste of coffee...Also sad, but true.

So when my Roommate introduced to me to Palace Coffee Company, located right here in our little college town, I was skeptical at first, but also excited because after all, I do love palaces...but what awaited me inside of this quaint little coffee shop was nothing short of True, blue (or Black if you want to be politically correct), and wonderful coffee form.

Sitting inside the Palace I felt like I had been transported to Chicago, or New York, or somewhere fancy where they drink coffee, and that I should be snapping my fingers or writing poetry because the decor of this room is just too awesome for words.  I would have taken pictures of it, but I didn't want them to throw me, and my Frapp (new coffee drink of choice) out into the cold (even though it was 101 degrees outside.)

As I mentioned before, I am not a coffee drinker.  I never have been, and honestly thought I never would be, but I can now think my Roomie for ruining me completely and turning me to the dark side.  (Coffee is black for those of you that didn't understand that analogy.)

I am very young in the coffee world though, and the Palace Coffee Co. owner told me that I needed to "acquire a taste for coffee"  Well Mr. Palace Coffee, if that is your challenge, I accept long as you let me drink as many Frapps as I want.

So for those of you who are also new to the Coffee world, here is my advice to you:

1.  Order something not too strong at first. Like a Vanilla Frapp...Yummmmm.

It was pretty.

I've never thought of coffee as pretty, but this coffee was. I could actually see the vanilla flecks inside! And for some reason that made me giddy...I got even giddier when I tasted it.

2.  Drink the Frapp.

Drink lots, and lots of the Frapp....and when you get a brain freeze, don't stop.  It just means that you've reached Coffee Euphoria.

3.  Take a picture of Your Roomie, Best Friend, or Random Person drinking their Frapp.

It lets you get a better understanding of your Coffee...not really, I just made that up...

By the way...Readers Meet Brittney, My Roomie, and Brittney Meet My Readers...(Sorry, I was never good at introductions...)

5. Finish your Frapp.

And then cry because you want more!

6. Take a picture of the Palace Coffee Logo because you want to remember this Moment In Coffee History forever.


Peace, Love, & Coffee Lovers Unite!

Sweet T

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